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Catch Basins

We completely rebuild the interior crock if needed. We excavate asphalt and concrete to an 8" depth and an 8' x 8' area around basin cover, checking for holes in the crock area, repairing if needed, then install 6" – 8" of 4,000 psi concrete mix to level with adjoining asphalt grade to accommodate proper drainage into basin. Installation of 6 foot to 8 foot concrete square collars around catch basins will reduce collapsing of surface immediately surrounding the catch basin itself.

Catch basins, also known as storm drains, or even manholes, are critical to the preservation of your parking lot, whether it be asphalt or concrete.

Because these basins catch all your water, it is essential to keep the basin itself at a proper level.

Due to the frequent temperature changes in Michigan and subsequent freeze/thaw cycling, basins will either pop up or drop, and if the former occurs, they are rendered incapable of serving the purpose for which they were created. Moreover, structural damage to the basin's wall itself can also cause a collapse of the cover, thus creating a major drop in your storm drain leaving your lot with a dangerous drop (like a deep hole) in the middle of your lot, the typical location of your catch basin or storm drain.

Our job is to repair the support structure of the storm drain and reestablish its proper level relative to your surrounding asphalt or concrete.

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