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Hot Rubber Crack Fill in Roseville, Michigan

Help your new asphalt with the freeze and thaw effect of winter with hot rubber crack fill services from Gleason & Associates, Inc, in Roseville, Michigan.

Hot Rubber Crack Fill

The most important reason for hot rubber crack fill is to keep the water from traveling underneath asphalt. By doing this, you reduce the consequences of the freeze and thaw effect in winter, which leads to cracks or pot holes in your asphalt. This is designed for cracks in concrete and asphalt ½ inch wide or smaller. We open up the cracks with mechanical routing or a blow-torch at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, creating a half-inch depth channel for our hot rubber federal spec. joint sealant. This process reduces the chance of the cracks alligatoring, spreading throughout the parking lot.

Paved Parking Lot

The application of our hot rubberized joint filler is typically dry in two hours, and because the major cracking that we usually fill in travels all over your parking lot, traffic flow will be impeded for a short time; as temperatures warm up, this time is reduced however. If your parking lot is asphalt then we apply an over-band across top of crack.

With concrete parking lots we do not apply an over-band, but the filler is pumped in to the joint, and if requested, we fill in surrounding random cracking that is prevalent in concrete surfaces. These cracks, especially, have to be machine routed to make room for filler.

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