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Parking Lot Striping

We stripe our own parking lots using federal spec. highway traffic oil-based paint. Because oil-based paint has an even wear pattern, most of our parking lots receive oil-based paint, as opposed to latex paint that has a chipping wear pattern.


We stripe parking lots for shopping centers, colleges, industrial parks, small plazas, and factories, inside or outside. We aim to maximize your parking space, and while we prefer using yellow oil base paint, we can also stripe with white, the latter, though, is not as durable. Oil, however, is your best option if time is not a factor, but we will also use latex paint if you need to stripe your parking lot the day after sealcoating. Ideally, sealed parking lots should cure a minimum two weeks before applying fresh oil base paint.

The Result After Asphalt Seal Coating

Striping parking lots not only serve to keep your parking areas in order, it also beautifies your entire property by creating a sharp contrast in color from your black asphalt. Newly painted lines also have a miraculous way of extending the dimension of your commercial building, something like the way mirrors add the illusion of enhanced dimension or space to your living room.

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